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Impersonators for special events.

Having a special event? Why not invite Ben Franklin, Mae West, Cinderella, or even Elvis! Spice up your event with the authenticity of any number of theme characters that are the perfect attraction to interact with and engage your guests. Theme characters can add just the right touch, the special detail that helps make your event not only fun but exciting and memorable as well. With such a wide variety of characters to choose from, allow us to help you find the perfect personalities to enliven your next event.

Theme characters include:

Marie Antoinette
Lucille Ball
Sleeping Beauty
Belle (Beauty & the Beast)
Laura Bush
Hilary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Rodney Dangerfield
Benjamin Franklin
Glenda The Good Witch
Mother Goose

Audrey Hepburn
Faith Hill
Tarzan's Jane
Robin Leach
Dolly Madison
Bette Midler
Marilyn Monroe
Dolly Parton
Austin Powers
Ronald Reagan
Chris Rock
Franklin Roosevelt
Betsy Ross
Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus
Frank Sinatra
Andrew Sisters

Liz Taylor
Spice Girls
Snow White
Martha Washington
Mae West
Vanna White
We also offer:
Holiday Carolers
Cigar Girls
Statue of Liberty
Ice Princess
Safari Guides

Saloon girls
Secret Service Agents
Dinosaur Scientists
Las Vegas Showgirls
Singing Telegrams
Tacky Tourist
Diner Waitress
Car Hop Waitress
Frozen Statues:
Blind Justice
Bronze or Silver Statue
Marble Statue
Lady Liberty
Venus di Milo
Statue of Liberty

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Need an impersonator? Let us help you with your next event! Jason Levinson & Company offers a variety of talented impersonators for all occasions. Whether you are planning a company picnic, holiday party, grand opening, or trade show our artists are sure to make your next event a special one to remember. We have talented artists in Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern Virgina and the surrounding metro areas.